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SSA Assam Single Transfer of SSA and State Pool Teachers

Hello, friends, Here we going to discuss a sensitive information for SSA Assam Single Transfer for the TET teachers of Assam. We have brought Information of Teacher Single transfer policy and discussed how to apply online for the transfer of SSA Pool and State Pool.
Read this article to the end for the proper information of Online Single transfer policy and how to apply for the transfer.

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For the very first time in Assam, the Education Department of Assam has Started online single transfer system for LP and UP assistant teachers both regular and contractual of elementary education.
All the teacher who wants a transfer must read the application process carefully we are going to discuss below.
Our Honourable Education minister Himanta Biswa Sharma Strictly said that " No offline application will be considered".

So, Before you going to filling the application read the manual which we are going to discuss.

SSA Assam Single Transfer

SSA Single transfer Notice
No. SSA/TT/Teachers Matter/444/2016/838

It is for general information to all concerned that the Elementary Education Department has initiated the process of Online Intra District Single Transfer of services of Assistant Teachers working under the Sarva Siksha Abhijan, Assam and under State Pool. Now, the working Assistant Teachers can submit their Online application for Single Transfer of their services.

The Online application for Intra District Single Transfer will be received from 21.02.2018 to midnight of 03.03.2018. Intending Teachers can submit their Online application as per procedure laid down in the office Memorandum and User Manual on instructional Manual which is available on the official website – List of eligible schools / Actos teacher schools will also be uploaded to the official website. All the interested working teachers are requested to go through the Office Memorandum and User Manual/ Instructional Manual in detail before submission of the Online application. No offline application will be accepted in this regard.

Single Transfer Process for LP and UP Teachers:

Before filling the application form, you should know the eligibility criteria for this application process.

For this transfer process, there are some schools which are eligible for transfer. has published the list of Eligible Schools From Where Teacher can apply for online single transfer. You should first download the list to know if your school is eligible or not.

There is another List of Eligible Schools where teachers can apply for online single transfer. You should also download this list to know which school is preferable for you.

Download bothe of the folowing list:

1. List of Eligible Schools From Where Teacher can apply for online single transfer - Download
2. List of Eligible Schools where teachers can apply for online single transfer - Download

Before you start filling your Single Transfer application some important information you must have:

1. Own 13 - digit Teacher Code ( as per HRMIS).
2. Own valid personal mobile no in HRMIS web portal.
3. Own personal valid e-mail ID in HRMIS web portal.

If any of this information is not available, then the block mission office, SSA, MIS officials may be contacted for support.

Step by Process to Apply for Single Transfer:

Here we are discussing the step by step process for online application. Just follow these steps to apply without any error.

1. At first, the teacher has to go through the official website of SSA Assam.
2. Secondly, know whether your school is eligible for single transfer or not.
3. Thirdly, know your preferable school from the list of destination schools.
4. Then you have to register with your 13 digit teacher code.
5. Then they will send a password to your registered mobile no.
6. Now, you are ready to apply for single transfer on the website

Now you can apply for the single transfer of SS Assam.

Download the Manual for single transfer: Download
Registration For Online Single Transfer – Visit here
Online Application For Single Transfer — Visit here

If you get any difficulty to fill the online transfer application form contact block mission office, SSA, MIS officials.

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